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Monday, April 13, 2015


Meeting THE Betsey Johnson was a once in a lifetime moment! I have been in love with her style for years and have come to own several pieces as well as her Too Too Pretty Perfume (which smells delicious btw).
She's always been an inspiration not only for her unique style but her uplifting spirit. When you wear her brightly colored prints you can't help but feel happy! So when I read in the local newspaper (why yes, I still receive an actual paper) that BJ was coming to show pieces from her new Spring line for Dillards I knew I had to go.
For customers who made a Betsey Johnson purchase from the Dillards store in the week prior to her arrival would get a BJ goodie tote bag with hair ties, tablet case, and VIP access in line.
The event was hosted by celebrity blogger Micah Jesse who was happy to take selfies, show off dance moves and get the crowd ready for Betsey.
There was a dj playing everything from pharrell, to some oldschool country and a professional photographer to take candids as well as your personal pic with Betsey.

Betsey made a grand appearance to the theme song of 'Oklahoma' greeting fans with her exuberant spirit. She made her way through the crowd in a cowboy hat throwing hot pink rose petals.
Her upbeat personality and her warm smile greeted every waiting fan in line. She was incredibly sincere and personable with a hug waiting for every person she met. She adored seeing people wearing her vintage pieces and showing off unique style. She had 2 models who changed several times throughout the event to show off different pieces of the spring line.
After about an hr and half Betsey took her final pictures with the Dillards staff and exited to one of her favorite songs, Happy by Pharrell.
At Dillards in store and online you can find Betsey's line of shoes, dresses, jewelry, handbags, lingerie, pillows, and bedding.

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