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Monday, March 2, 2015

Advanced Green Tea Extract

When summer is approaching and I start eating better and excising more I like adding something that will give me a little extra boost in my overall health and fitness. A green tea supplement is something I've used several times in the past and so when I came across this brand with vitamin c I wanted to give it a try. You can take 1 pill 1 -2 times daily. I usually take 1 a day at lunchtime.  I've noticed that it did curb my appetite and I didn't have cravings for as many unhealthy foods. It also makes me feel like I'm actually accomplishing my health/fitness goals. This is a great alternative to 'diet' pills that have so many unhealthy additives and caffeine.
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A specialized caffeine-free blend of Green Tea Extract and Vitamin C that fortifies the immune system and provides a variety of invaluable health benefits.

Green Tea Extract is plant-based supplement that has been shown to assist with weight loss and cholesterol reduction, as well as potentially lessening the risk of heart disease, diabetes and brain diseases. Adding Vitamin C with the powerful polyphenols of Green Tea can help increase antioxidant protection against free radicals to promote a stronger immune system and healthier well-being.

+ Increases Fat Burning
+ Improves Physical Performance
+ Packed with Antioxidants
+ All Natural
+ Helps Lower Cholesterol

An Advanced Supplement for Enhanced Results - Our Advanced Green Tea Extract capsules are formulated to help promote weight loss, cholesterol reduction and healthier living in men and women.
  • The All-Natural Power of Green Tea - 120 capsules that contain our specialized caffeine-free Green Tea which acts as a natural fat burner to help optimize your physique and well-being.

  • A Boost of Vitamin C - Our diet pills also feature Vitamin C, which works in tandem with the polyphenols of the Green Tea to increase antioxidant protection against harmful free radicals that can attack the immune system.

  • A Supplement You Can Trust - Our powerful supplements are crafted in a cutting-edge FDA-registered facility that is NSF and GMP certified, and all of our products are manufactured in the USA.

  • I was provided this complimentary in return for my honest review.

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