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Sunday, January 18, 2015


 Several years ago I started saving some of my all time favorite room decor looks by cutting out magazines and old anthropologie catalogs... this was all before the dawn of my pinterest-ing days.
Later I started this inspiration wall with those cutouts and continued to add to it. Pretty soon it just became part of the decor in my room. The vintage boho flowing curtains, vibrant pops of unexpected color mixed with a very muted shabby palette really inspired me with my own decor style. It also makes a good back drop for my grandmothers antique vinegar bottles, glass knick knacks and some of my own vintage costume pearls and jewelry.  
Now my collection of inspiration has moved to pinterest otherwise I think all my walls would end up being covered. You can find me on pinterest here.

Where do you find your room inspiration? Do you do it old school with magazine cutouts or do you find all your decor inspiration with pinterest?

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  1. I think that is so awesome that's it's old school pinterest, haha! It's awesome that it actually pulls that little space together so well with you nana's things :)


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