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Thursday, March 13, 2014

town & country

dress - wetseal
jewelry - thrifted
poster print - garden ridge

I put in an order with wetseal last week. They had amazing sale and clearance prices on some cute things. I ended up getting this hi/low pink sequin dress. why? I have no idea. I love the color though and it's flowy and pretty. I think I can make it everyday wearable by wearing a crop sweater or a vintage t over it for the summer. I also ran into one of my favorite stores and thrifted a bit. I had to wait in a long checkout line but I think the cute vintage jewelry finds were worth it. I love the bangle bracelet. By pushing the little button on the side it opens up to be able to slide it on and off. I really like bangles like that so they have a good fit on your wrist. I don't like it when oversized bangles fall down over your hand when you're doing things. The flower pin with the pearl I will definitely be putting on a jacket and wear through spring. I absolutely adore the floral shield dress clip. My mom picked it up and asked, "what is this?" I explained that when you wear a collared shirt, dress, scarf, pocket etc you just clip it on. I haven't seen one in ages.

TuppenceHapennyVintage has a wonderful post with pictures on dress clips and how to wear if you'd like to view her blog.

And lastly my favorite poster print I picked out at a garden ridge store years ago. I've used it as a headboard/wallhanging for years and recently moved it to a different part of my room to fall in love with it all over again. I wish I knew who did it or if it was part of set because I'd love to have more. Sadly I've never seen another print like it.

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  1. Hi-low dresses are my fave & yours is a cute one!


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