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Monday, March 10, 2014

on the playground is where i spent most of my days

vest - atmosphere
sweatshirt - thrifted 
leather paneled charcoal leggings - sofia for sofia vergara
boots - dr marten
sunglasses - forever 21

One of the actual first nice days of winter/spring. I took my little brothers skateboarding and made one of them take some pictures while there. When I uploaded the pics from today I really couldn't believe my 9 year old little brother took all of them. Most every one had perfect angles, lens flares, color and shockingly in focus. He was sprawled out lying down taking half of them and I kept hearing the zoom going in and out as he was narrating his photographing like he was a newscaster. I was thinking these are all going to be headless or just of my my shoes. I was wrong. He came up with looks I never would have thought.

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  1. LOL! Little brothers are for photographing OOTDs *giggle* He did a great job though, yayy for awesome nice weather :D


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