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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

got you stuck on my body like a tattoo

tshirt - adam Levine
beanie - adam Levine
necklace - nicki minaj
bangle - nicki minaj

ok sure he's considered one of the sexiest men of the year and I have very fond memories from back when [this love] came out. that song was stuck in my head for years. since then he's put out a guitar line *cough* which I also own and most recently a clothing line exclusively for kmart. kind of sad that it was only mens clothing and accessories and were only available online but I had my eye on a couple of his pieces.
The tshirt design was mega cool and his knit beanies were adorable. then last week while randomly online browsing what do my wondering eyes do set upon... his line was on sale!
I quickly added the gray tshirt and beanie to my cart. I also went on another mini shopping spree while I was at it. I also picked up some nicki minaj jewerly (I had NO idea she even had a line let alone one at kmart) I got the amazing jeweled goldtone necklace and bangle. The UPS man so graciously delivered my boxes in the snow yesterday. I was so excited. I adore how nicki's jewelry looks with adams shirt. Seriously in love with the outfit. Adam's shirt is one of the most softest tshirts I have ever felt. I love how it fits all oversized and soft like I stole it right off him.
The beanie is soft as well but doesn't have his logo anywhere on it so once the tag is cut off there's nothing to even show it's from his line which was sad. It's also a very lightweight knit but it fits great and stays on.

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  1. Hello sexiest man alive! Oh that song brings back summer memories *giggle* Lovin' the outfit pairing though :)


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