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Friday, February 14, 2014


Found the most amazing leopard faux fur coat today. I about ran over and yanked it off the hanger. Plus it was 50% off. I got it home and realized not only was it a fur coat but a REVERSIBLE coat. I turned it around and the inside was lined with a faux tan leather.
Perfect because the collar and trim is all in the leopard fur. Seriously in love.
I've never been much for animal prints, let along fur coats but after seeing many bloggers featuring similar leopard coats they just looked too cool.
The past couple times I've been out the faux fur coats have been luring me over to them. I seriously could have picked out 4 different fur and shearling coats today. I regret not buying more but I got a coat that isn't similar to anything I have. I can't wait to wear it!

*Inspiration via pinterest.

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  1. I can't pull that off, but that would look awesome on you :D


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