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Thursday, January 30, 2014

vagabond search

as I randomly surfed tumblr in the midnight hours I ran across someone asking one of my favorite bloggers what she thought of the vagabond lace up dioon boots.. she replied that they were so 90s...

 I hadn't heard of these boots!? what 90's trend was I missing out on?!
I googled the boots and the moment I saw the picture my first thought was 90210, clueless, and spice girls! Love. Love at first sight.

I feel a little guilty having this feeling of [MUST HAVE NOW] since I just bought a pair of dr martens I had wanted for YEARS. These I just saw 5 minutes ago and already have a need to blog my undying love for them.
What I can't figure though... they were so popular in the 90s but they aren't readily available to buy anywhere. I found them on asos and urban outfitters but $130? *face palm*
For now I will just stare at them and dream of outfits I'd wear with them. My dr martens looking longingly at me from their corner. They can't feel too unloved I've worn them practically every day since I got them.

Reminds me of one of my fave finds on tumblr. I've reblogged/liked the following pic so many times because it is simply 

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