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Friday, January 3, 2014

Rimmel Wake Me Up Liquid Foundation

I absolutely love Tanya Burr's makeup tutorials and vlogs on youtube. One of my favorite tutorial videos as well as favorites vids she uses Rimmel's wake me up foundation. It looked absolutely flawless on camera and she raved so much about it I just had to try it. Only problem was that it wasn't available in the US.
I could only find the wake me up concealer. Even that took effort. I asked my bestie in Ireland if she had a Boots store and could she possible pretty please find this foundation for me. I requested soft beige (same as Tanya uses) since we looked similar in color.

 My bestie came through and sent it to me for Christmas! I was soooo excited to try it and I wasn't disappointed! One of the best points of this foundation is that it comes with a pump! No trying to dump some out of a bottle! You can pump out just what you need and that will leave you without waste and a fresher product!

The texture is purely amazing and smooth. I used my fingers and it just glides over the skin. It covers amazing and leaves a dewy finish. The color was absolutely perfect. No trying to desperately blend into the neck and hairline like with the Rimmel Matte Foundation I recently tried.

Only con is that when I run out I am going to be sad. I did find this product available on amazon but at double the price! I just hope that Rimmel brings this to the US soon!!!!

I haven't wore much liquid foundations over the years due to being pretty much a bare minerals only kind of girl. Lately my bare minerals just hasn't had the coverage I was needing and wanted something with better coverage. This has been the best liquid foundation I have tried yet!

A big thank you to my bestie Louise!
She also sent me Rimmel's scandeleyes and Kate Moss Lipstick!

Tanya Burr's Videos featuring Wake Me Up Foundation:

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