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Friday, January 3, 2014

maison dumain for oz the great and powerful high heel sneakers

maison dumain by be&d trompe l'oeil high top sneaker for oz the great and powerful -gold

I got these sparkly sneakers for Christmas and I thought they were adorable and the box was so elegant. The tag of the shoe was flipped around revealing only the designer's name. As I was taking pics for the blog the tag flipped around and it revealed "Oz the Great and Powerful". *gasp* I loved the movie and James Franco even more so to have shoes inspired by the movie is amazing for me.
I grabbed the shoe and ran to my mom and asked, "Did you know these were Oz shoes?!" She responded with a "what?! huh? They didn't say that online!" I love that she thought these shoes were me yet didn't even know how awesome they were! The laces are ribbons and on the end of the ribbons are little golden tine things. So pretty! Can't wait to wear these!

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