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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I read somewhere that clothes 20+ years older than the present date are considered [vintage]. So that means clothes from the 80s and early 90s are now... vintage?! I can't seem to process that.
I hope my sisnlaw doesn't kill me for hinting that her dresses are vintage. She gave me a box filled with her favorites from her highschool days.
A couple were puffy sleeved, satin, and covered in lace and sparkles. Others were pale lace, looking older than their time, and romantic. I pulled out the latter since they more closely fit my own style.
A long sleeved cream colored layered lace dress that I had to add a bit of black leather to, and the second, a pale pink almost salmon lined dress topped with white lace.
The pale pink looked so pretty with the well used vintage levi jacket.
My sisnlaw was over yesterday and I pulled out the cream lace dress outfit and I said, recognize anything? She looked it over and then finally realized, oh my gosh that's my dress!!!
I think I love restyling/repurposing clothes more than buying new ones. It's one happy day when I get hand me downs. Especially when they are originals from another decade.

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