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Friday, October 18, 2013

lets go down to the tennis court and talk it up like ya

Lately, [due to chictopia] I've found that I'm dressing more and more like how I want to and less like how I "should" or whatever the average is.
I used to see things that I would love to wear but then think, I don't live in la or ny I live in regular town usa... that wouldn't fit in. and I've felt totally stupid not dressing how I want, but how to not be noticed.
I've been a member of chictopia for a couple years and have really enjoyed browsing through the style posts. I haven't posted very much to it but I have received a couple of features which I still find completely and unbelievably crazy. It's really a boost of confidence to see that other people like my style enough to like, follow, and comment. So thank you for empowering my own sense of style. :)

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  1. You go bestie of mine! :D
    I just wear whatever is comfy, lol :P


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