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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Braided Half Updo

I was playing around with my hair this morning and came up with this look. Sort of a twist off the Dutch braid that I do quite often using all of my hair. Next time I'll take pics along the way to better illustrate how to do it. Quite simply it is just two half French braids wrapped around each other and secured in the back.

To achieve the braided half updo

You will need:
2 hair elastics
Bobby pins

Tease hair at crown
Divide bang portion
Create two French braids on both sides
Switch to a regular braid once the French braid has reached the teased section
Secure with elastic
Next wrap each braid back and forth just under your teased hair
Secure with Bobby pins
Curl bottom section of hair to desired wave


  1. I likey! Come back & do my hair everyday as we rush out the door? LOL! :P


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