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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Total Beauty Box for HSN

As a Christmas gift from my mom I received the Total Beauty Box for HSN. $19.95(sold out) Included in the box were 8 sample sized HSN products.
The packaging was a really nice black rubber finished envelope/box.

Products you would otherwise not be able to "try" without buying a full size.
Products were quality customer picks that were well loved by most who bought.

Products were all trial/sample size that you could only get 1 -2 uses out of some of the products.

Included in the box were: 

Lancome Hypnose Intense Black Mascara
Boscia Black Peel Off Mask
Lorac Lip Gloss
Amika Hair Oil
Carol's Daughter Monoi Shampoo & Conditioner
IntelliWhite Toothpaste
Prai Neck Cream
SCA Argon Oil Day Cream w/spf

I can honestly say after trying each product that I loved each one.

Amika hair oil has the most amazing smell. It's hard to describe the scent but it makes your hair smell AMAZING! It's not fruity, sweet, citrus, or strong. It's jasmine-y, musky, floral, vanilla, and spicy. = most amazing.
I've put in on my hair damp and dry, works either way. I got complemented on how shiny my hair was.. which is hard to achieve if you have blonde hair like I do.
Full size bottle is about $34.00 but a good dupe would be Morrocan Argon Miracle oil found at walmart for $8.00. It even has a VERY similar scent. Of course the ingredients are different and probably not as potent but it seemingly has a similar effect without the price.

Lancome hypnose intense black mascara has a formula that is thinner and glides on smoother than others I've used before. The twirly shape and longer length of bristles on the wand is what really makes this product. It gave my lashes a lot of length but not necessarily a lot of volume.

Signature Club A Argon oil day cream with spf I always love anything signature club a and the argon line is my favorite. This works well as a day cream and well under makeup as it is not greasy. I've tried this day cream before and have purchased it a couple times.

Prai neck cream is amazing. It glides on so smooth and gives a cooling effect. It's not greasy or heavy and the light scent is nice. Being younger than the normal age to start using neck creams I never would have bought one but after using this just the soft feeling is amazing. It's so silky, I want to try using it on my face to see if it would almost give a priming effect for makeup.

Carol's Daughter Monoi Shampoo & Conditioner

I've heard of Carol's Daughter products before but they are pricey but mostly have 5 out of 5 star reviews. The reviewers all said that it left your hair soft and the smell was amazing. I received a one time use Monoi Shampoo & Conditioner sample in the box. I couldn't wait to smell it and it did smell good but it smells almost exactly like Revlon's Colorsilk Conditioner only a bit more almond scented.
It has Coconut Oil, B5 vitamins. Sulfate free.
The shampoo didn't lather at all but with the new shampoos without all the harsh detergents they don't suds up. The conditioner was extremely silky and creamy -not greasy or oily. It glided on very easily through hair. It's recommended to leave on 3-5 min. I left on for 5 min and rinsed under cool water.
After towel drying and blow drying for just 5 min my hair was the softest it's probably ever been. I have very dry blonde hair and it is now so soft, shiny, and healthy looking. It is definitely worth purchasing I can't believe the difference after only 1 use.

 intelligence toothpaste has a nice minty flavor. You only need a pea sized amount and you can tell the difference after one use.

lorac lip gloss has an creme brulee flavor/scent. The color I received was Chuck. It's a nice neutral mauve color. The sample I received is at most enough for 5 applications so tiny!

Boscia black mask I've always wanted to try. I put on a very thin layer because I didn't want to use the whole tube. It's very goopy for less of a better word and doesn't spread out easily. (totally reminds me of the blob or that black goo from spiderman)
After it dried I ended up having to peel off very small pieces and then wipe off. It definitely needs to be applied in a thick layer to be able to pull off. If I would have just used more I think it would peel off otherwise it made my face smoother and look better. I can't wait to use again.

*HSN's Total Beauty Box is sold out. However offers a monthly beauty box for $15. 
After trying out beauty boxes and getting full size products for only $10 I'd choose them.
I did absolutely LOVE this HSN beauty box so it's all relative with what you receive in your box. Hopefully they continue to do the HSN beauty boxes as I might consider getting those.

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