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Thursday, December 13, 2012


My bestie A got me a 3month subscription to Ipsy's glambags! 
After taking the quiz to determine the best products/colors for me I chose mostly "classic" and "sultry" looks. My first of 3 glam bags came yesterday. 

Included in the Dec 12 Beauty Bag was:

be a bombshell lipgloss in color "hot mess"
 couture highlighting paper in color "st barts"
urban decay 24/7 pencil in "black"
 face/eye primer
 loose shadow powder in "charcoal"
silver cosmetic bag
 savings card for a % off a purchase from these brands

First Impressions:

 be a bombshell lipgloss came in a very bright red color. It goes on sheerer than the color in the bottle but it's still super bright. Its very festive and fits with the holiday bag but it isn't an everyday color unless you are Taylor Swift. 
mai couture highlighting paper went on very sheer and almost had a bronzy shimmer to it. I was worried the shimmer would be too "glitter" like but it was nice. It takes some getting used to since you lightly sweep the paper on your face/body instead of using a brush. It gets all over your fingers but the product is overall a good addition to a makeup collection. 
urban decay 24/7 pencil I had been wanting to try for years. It did glide on very smooth but had the same amount of staying power as other eyeliners I've used. It does glide on the best that I've tried and has a deep black color as well as a liquid liner. 
marabelle face/eye primer worked well as a face primer but wasn't strong enough to withstand an entire day of creasefree eyeshadow. By the evening the nyx eyeshadow had creased and migrated. nyx loose eye shadow was is pigmented well. The color goes on sheer with your finger tip but if you use a brush it goes on the color of the bottle. The color stayed strong all day with my usual bare minerals eyeprimer. 
silver cosmetic bag was as good of quality as any I have. 
The regular prices of each of these items range up to $30 so to get 4 products+bag is a great value. The bag fit the description as a festive dec glambag and is the perfect look for Christmas. Thanks again to my bestie A for the gift of glam :)

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