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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Influenster is a community of people giving honest reviews of various products they have tried and tested. They are rewarded based on the badges and challenges they participate in. Various Influensters are chosen to participate in a "voxbox" program where they are sent a box of goodies to test and post their reviews on theInfluenster website. The more Influensters participate in the online community the more likely they are to receive the newest voxbox and rewards.

I have been a member for a little over a year and have received 3 voxboxs to test and review. I have loved having the opportunity to try new products that I wouldn't necessarily have tried on my own. I have been privy to winning a couple of the brand challenges and participating in surveys where my voice about the products can be heard. Influenster has been nothing but a wonderful experience.

Check out my previous blog posts to discover what a voxbox may contain.



*Note each voxbox program is different and the products you receive are based on your badges earned and demographics.

Influenster just went through a makeover to learn more check out their website or read the information provided below.

TheInfluenster Makeover brings all new changes to this trendsetting community. Reviews, Influenster Scores, Public Profiles, LifeStage & Expert Badges, and Invite-Only Membership to name just a few changes.

Want to learn more about the makeover? Read up here:

Influenster Score: Your score is the biggest measure of your standing within Influenster and will determine your qualification in programs. Scores go up by connecting your social channels and showing your social influence.

LifeStage & Expert Badges: We're introducing two new types of badges - LifeStage & Expert. LifeStage represent where you are in your life, while Expert Badges are all about what you know, and are scored to show off your expertise in various areas. Leave reviews and complete other tasks to raise your scores and get higher chances of qualifying in programs. Influensters can earn up to five Expert Badges to start.

Reviews: We know you’ve loved reviewing VoxBox products, but what about the millions of other products you use and love? In October, you'll be able to add any product to our review pages and leave reviews on everything!

Invite Only: Our trendsetting community just became more exclusive. New members are now required to request an invite to join. Prior members will retain their memberships and can invite up to five few friends. The more influential your referrals, the higher your Influenster Score will rise.

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