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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I cut my hair :P

using this tutorial on youtube to create round layers :)

It's funny how even cutting the most insignificant amount of hair can change your whole hair feel. I've been growing my hair out and didn't want to lose any length but needed to cut some of the enormous amounts of split ends off. This worked and was really easy to follow and do myself on myself. After I used a new "leave in" keratin conditioner I got free from Suave. (well sorta free it was good for $3 off and it was $3.49 from walgreens) I have been using a bit of pantene conditioner on my hair after washing and it seemed to be working well but I really like the new suave. It made my hair really soft and smells great :)

I'll post a picture at some point but I always seem to do hair stuff in the middle of the night... haha

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