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Friday, March 9, 2012


Today I'll be reviewing the KISS NAIL DRESS Fashion Strips. They are peel off nail stickers/polish that are supposed to last up to 10 days.
Just peel and stick, no drying time or chipping. The design I received was KDS11. You can find KISS products at your local drugstore and walmart.

I've wanted to try similar products ever since they came out but with my abundance of regular nail polishes and the cost of these new nail stickers I refrained. According to the influenster card sent with this product they cost $6.99.


First use nail polish remover to remove any nail polish on your nails.

Second step is to buff your nails and file the edge to get rid of any ridges. This will leave you with an oil free, smooth surface to apply your new nail stickers.

Third, pick the size of sticker that fits your nail, peel off backing and place on nail. Work from the middle out smoothing out the sticker. Fold over the top edge and file off with included nail file. I trimmed mine a bit before folding over since I have short nails at the moment. I saved the trimmed pieces by sticking them back on the backing to use as tips later.


Since this was my first time applying this type of nail stickers I was nervous about how to put them on without messing up. The package does give you 23 stickers ranging in size so if you do mess up, it isn't the end of the world.
After completing all 10 nails I had enough stickers left over for one more set.
It was hard to smooth the stickers out perfectly over the nail without having small ridges in different places. It wouldn't be a big deal because it's not noticeable with the eye but you can feel it and it makes me want to pick at it since the nail isn't smooth.

It's the 2nd day and they look as perfect as when I did them. This was after doing dishes and cooking and running around with 2 kids. So they've held up as well as regular finger nail polish so far. :)

Perfect looking polish
No chips
No drying time
No smudges
18 Designs available
Lasts longer than regular nail polish
Great for summer, especially for your toes

Hard to achieve getting a smooth layout of the sticker (maybe with practice?)
The design I was sent was not one of the more pretty ones. I could achieve the crackled look easily on my own. So I wouldn't purchase this particular design.
Price is still a bit to high for me to go out and buy.

*I received this set of KISS NAIL DRESS Fashion Strips as part of my influenster love voxbox. Visit INFLUENSTER to see how you can receive your very own voxbox. To be eligible remember to earn as many badges as you can and review products. Only active members will receive the vox boxes.

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