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Friday, February 10, 2012


As anyone who knows me, knows that I bedazzle everything. Lady Gaga has nothing on me. From rocker studs to glittering rhinestones everything looks better when it sparkles.

Now to the DIY. I had this vision in my head before I ever researched anything. I was hoping someone had posted some sort of DIY for studding your own boots. There were a few but they used tools I didn't have and wasn't wanting to go buy just for this project. Then I ran across this::

I had an AH HA! moment and remembered my studded belt in the very back of my belt drawer (yes I have a belt drawer) neglected after only being worn a couple of times for it being to big.

What you need:

1 pair of boots/shoes
1 studded belt
1 ice pick
1 scrap piece of wood
1 pair of cuticle scissors/a seam ripper/butter knife (seriously it works)

This only took be about 2 hours and was actually one of the more fun projects I've done.

Gather your belt and cuticle scissors/seam ripper/butter knife and pry the prongs up from the back of the studs. This is quite easier than I thought it would be.

Next carefully pull the stud from the belt. Lay the stud on the scrap board and using the side of your ice pick straighten out the prongs. They don't have to be perfect but you want them semi back to their original form so you can more easily place them on your boot.

Once your have several rows of studs removed from the belt start by placing a stud on your boot. You can place then anywhere you want but you have to be able to get to the back of the stud to fold over the prongs.

Push the prongs of the stud into the leather to leave a marker where you will make a hole. Depending on how thick the leather is of your boot you may or may not need this step. Using the ice pick made it a lot easier for me.

Place the scrap wood into the boot and using the markers you made from the prongs push the ice pick into the leather. Make sure you have your wood underneath so the ice pick has something to hit that won't be your fingers/hand/table top. Every time I picked it up I imagined some horrible ice pick horror movie. haha

Next take the stud and push through the holes you just made with the pick and fold over the prongs. I used the side of the pick to make sure the prongs got pushed fully into the back of the leather so that they wouldn't snag your socks or be felt from the inside.

Just keep adding until you have the look you want and WALLAH! You now have gorgeous rocker studded boots! For freeeeeee!

*Tip:: You can easily buy studs from craft stores/online but if you can find a studded belt on sale go for it! By the largest size so you get the most studs ;)
If you want to forgo using the scary hitman ice pick you can buy a leather hole punch at the craft store. Or use a heavy duty bedazzler tool. Behold a $9.99 plastic bedazzler tool from Walmart is not heavy enough to go through leather.

My next project will be using the left over leather from the belt to make a small belt accessory for the boots like in the video... Also from 1 studded belt you can make a boatload of studded boots there are a bazillion on there.

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