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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Zelo Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System

 Zelo Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System

Thanks to sverve and Zelocare I was able to test and review the Zelo Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System. You don't know how excited I was to be able to try this product. Being a blonde with long  semi-wavy hair and regular bleaching touchups, my hair was in desperate need for something to relieve the look of damage.
Zelo Hair Smoothing System utilizes the most advanced professional keratin smoothing technology and the finest natural ingredients which work together to eliminate frizz, smooth rebellious curls, and deliver essential nutrients. Zelo delivers total frizz and curl control for up to 30 washes. The rich blend of oils, vitamins and organic proteins delivers sleek and shiny salon results at home.

How to:
Pre Step: My hair was needing a color touchup and as per the instructions it's best to first color your hair prior to doing the treatment so that it seals in the color and leaves your hair looking more vibrant. (Of course if you don't color your hair there is no need for this pre-step.)
Step 1: wash hair using the zelocare clarifying shampoo
  • gently massage hair while applying
Step 2: wash hair again just as before
  • split ends benefit from massaging shampoo into ends 
Step 3: rinse hair with an abundance of water
Step 4: semi dry hair with towel
Step 5: comb hair and separate into 3-4 parts with clips
Step 6: put on gloves supplied and apply the action keratin by
taking 1"-2" strands of hair spraying product until entire head is moistened
Step 7: using a fine tooth comb gently comb and separate hair
  • let product process for 45 minutes
Step 8:  thoroughly wash hair
  • remove gloves and blow dry
Step 9:(optional) use straitening iron for desired effect
  • maintain using the same system after roughly 30 washes

Results: Smooth, Silky, More Vibrant Hair
Before: frizzy dried and damaged                                After: Smooth Sleek and Healthy

You can purchase this product online via


The kit I received included: (2 oz.) Clarifying Shampoo, (2 oz.) Action Keratin, (1) extra sprayer, gloves, and directions.
* I received this kit free for my honest review courtesy of sverve and zelocare.

Monday, April 21, 2014

easter bracelet

horizontal cross bracelet - steel by design
sterling turquoise - handmade vintage
goldtone bangle - thrifted
sterling fleur de lis - qvc
connemara marble bracelet - qvc
sterling black onex ring - avon
sterling celtic knot - street vendor

Every summer I end up with a different collection of layered bracelets, some old, some new.
My mom gave me the horizontal cross bracelet for Easter. At first look I thought it was sterling! The look, weight, feel is the same. Qvc has a collection of steel jewelry at just a fraction of the cost of full sterling so it's great if you want a set of bangle bracelets for the price of one sterling. My favorite kind of bracelets are the ones that hinge. This one has that hinge so it just feels nice on the arm and layers perfectly. Qvc has rosetone and gold as well as the stainless pictured. I really want the rosetone one next but it's on waitlist.

Monday, April 7, 2014

when i wake up in the morning

Lately I've really had luck thrifting pieces I've been wanting. I've been searching for some high waisted denim shorts that were really fitted. I saw these from a couple aisles away and grabbed them up hoping they would be my size. Another plus is they were lucky brand. I've wanted to buy a pair of lucky jeans since I was a kid. why? I have no idea. I think they were just the trend at the time.
 I also saw these floral long shorts and got them as well. I can't decide whether to leave them in all their Kelly Kapowski glory or cut them off into a short pair. I don't have any shorts this length so I may keep them how they are... for a while at least.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


a line floral dress - Betsey Johnson
Dr Marten - Original
Too Too Pretty Skull Tote - Betsey Johnson

Fell in love with this dress when I saw Betsey wearing it during her first show on HSN. She just threw it on over her black long sleeve shirt and leggings and put her signature leather belt over everything.
She's inspiring. I want to have her confidence and energy when I'm her age. Addicted to her reality show. I would love to own some of her vintage stuff! And her perfume 'Too Too Pretty' smells delicious! See my BJ haul here

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

undeniably pretty

Makeup Secrets - Jemma Kidd
Marilyn in Fashion - Christopher Nickens
Glitter & Glam - Melanie Mills

Recently checked out a few beauty books from the library. Marilyn in Fashion had some of the best Marilyn Monroe pictures I've seen with an abundance of fashion and style articles. If you are a fan of hers this book is a must to see!
Jemma Kidd is now in the top of my favorite beauty books. It was filled with how to pictures and step by step instructions. I haven't ran across another beauty book that had such great illustration of applying makeup. Also included plenty of tips and tricks!
Glitter & Glam didn't suit my day to day makeup. The book title said it all, filled mostly with glamorous run way makeup looks.

Monday, March 31, 2014

be impractical.

I found this quote on pinterest earlier this evening and I thought to myself I need to apply this to my life every single day. I find myself trying to disappear, play it safe, have a common existence and not be different from what is expected and it's hard to not fall backwards into routine.
Blogging and posting on chictopia has definitely helped motivate me to get up more mornings,  actually put together some sort of outfit and gain enough confidence to post some of them. Slowly I'm evolving from the play it safer attitude I have, not just in style but everyday little things in life. So it was nice to see it being reality. I still get butterflies when I see my pic on chictopia's homepage. Let alone 2 at the same time. It is such an honor to be voted. It was definitely a nice surprise when I logged on tonight.

connemara claddagh everyday jewelry

sterling silver claddagh - solvar ireland/qvc
sterling large connemara claddagh with crystal - qvc
connemara carved heart bracelet - qvc or connemara's website
sterling celtic knot ring - street vender 
sterling black onex - avon
sterling wing ring - avon
polish - julep "Lauren" 2199
The claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring given which represents love, loyalty, and friendship (the hands represent friendship; the heart represents love; and the crown represents loyalty).
Solvar's sterling silver claddagh ring is my most favorite piece of jewelry I own. I've worn it since my mom gave it to me almost 10 years ago. It's become sentimental and the story behind the claddagh is so romantic. The different ways you wear the ring,represent if you are single, engaged, or married.

All of Solvar's jewelry is hand stamped at Ireland's Assay office in Dublin Castle. So each piece of jewelry was once inside the famous Dublin Castle.
Claddagh rings are often used as friendship rings but are most commonly used as engagement/wedding rings. Mothers also give these rings to daughters when they come of age. When the hands that hold the heart are angled towards the girl, that means she is taken, when the heart faces out, the girl is single. This has become common largely due to the sentimental motto: "This is my heart which I give to you crowned with my love." Also associated with the ring is this wish: "Let love and friendship reign." In Ireland, the United States, and other places, the Claddagh is handed down mother-to-eldest daughter or grandmother-to-granddaughter. The way in which a Claddagh ring is worn with the intention of conveying the wearer's relationship status:
  1. On the right hand with the point of the heart toward the fingertips, the wearer is single and may be looking for love. (This is most commonly the case when a young woman has first received the ring from a relative, unless she is already engaged.)
  2. On the right hand with the point of the heart toward the wrist, the wearer is in a relationship. (This suggests that the wearer's heart has been "captured".)
  3. On the left hand with the point of the heart toward the fingertips, the wearer is engaged.
  4. On the left hand with the point of the heart toward the wrist, the wearer is married.

As you can see, I wear mine facing out 'looking for love' and waiting for someone to 'capture' my heart.

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